Re: IOX 2144 & MDC 6k gallon OT tank car

Richard Hendrickson

On Oct 22, 2005, at 7:48 PM, Rob Kirkham wrote:

I've found a photograph at the Glenbow Museum online photo archive at:
<> that shows IOX
2144 among others, filling with gasoline in Calgary, Alberta in 1943. Use
the search term "NA-4281-26" to locate it.

According to Ian Cranstone's Canadian Freight Cars web site, this car was
one of a group of 202 cars in series 2052-2253, built June 1915 by CC&F.
Through their lives, the cars in this series were variously lettered

Based on helpful information provided by Richard Hendrickson on the Type X
design, the car appears to be a near match for the Type X cars represented
by the MDC Old Timer tank (which requires a new frame). I think the dome on
this car may be a little larger than the 6000 gallon UTLX cars I've seen,
but the angle of view leaves me uncertain. If it is larger, I'm not sure
whether to conclude that implies it is a larger 8000 or 10000 gallon car, or
something else (different manufacturer might account for it?)
Definitely a UTL Class X tank car, Ron. UTL apparently had a close relationship with Imperial Oil, whose 2,200 car tank car fleet they purchased in 1953, and may have licensed Imperial to have cars built by CC&F to the UTL Class X design. Also, it was definitely a 6K gal. car; the dome doesn't look to me as if it was oversize and the tank wasn't long enough for an 8K gal. Class X.

Richard Hendrickson

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