Re: IOX 2144 & MDC 6k gallon OT tank car

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Definitely a UTL Class X tank car, Ron. UTL apparently had a close
relationship with Imperial Oil, whose 2,200 car tank car fleet they
purchased in 1953, and may have licensed Imperial to have cars built by
CC&F to the UTL Class X design.
Imperial Oil was 70% owned by Standard Oil of New Jersey (trade name
ESSO). UTL was the lessor for all "Baby Standard" fleets after the break
up of the Trust in 1911. According to Carr's ROCKEFELLER'S SECRET
WEAPON, UTL insisted upon being the exclusive lessor for companies it
served. As some of the "Baby Standard's" bought operations outside the
Standards Oil framework after the break up of the Trust, the Baby
Standards did own their own tank cars. But the business seems to have
been limited to areas in which the purchased organizations operated -
e.g. Socony Vacuum (later Mobil) purchased the Magnolia Petroleum Co. in
1928, and the MPCX were still in effect in the 1950's; Socony also
purchased a number of small Mid West operators in the 1930's, and their
tank cars operated independently of UTL finally forming the core of tank
cars using the SVX and SVM reporting marks.

IOX was probably kept apart from UTL in an effort to separate Canadian
from American operations until the 1950's.

Tim Gilbert

Also, it was definitely a 6K gal. car;
the dome doesn't look to me as if it was oversize and the tank wasn't
long enough for an 8K gal. Class X.

Richard Hendrickson


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