Re: SUPX 20xx & UTLX 13504

Steve and Barb Hile


I have a copy of that photo that I purchased from Frank Ellington years ago. I am not sure that this car really has truss rods. The outer part of the underframe is pretty substatial and you can just the the lower edge of the center sill in the light, below the sides, with its regullarly spaced rivets. There are two "rod-like sillouettes belove the car. One is clearly the brake rod conncected to the brake lever. I will speculate that the other is the brake pipe, train line, although I can't guess why it hangs so low. The vertical shadow (directly below the 1 in 13504) looks less like a queen post than a hanger. Plus, just before that "rod" passes into the shadows of the left hand truck, we can see what appears to be the branch pipe to the brake cylinder as another vertical shadow.

There certainly were tank car underframes with truss rods, even some advertized as "all steel." I have seen photos that show the truss rods terminating in the head blocks rather than the end sills. 13504 has no head blocks. Its tanks must be secured to the center sill with Van Dyke's X mount and strapped. Here can be determined another reason for one tank with three compartments. This car requires 3 separate mountings to the center sill and 6 straps. A 3 compartment single tank requires one center sill mounting and 4 straps.

I hope this helps.

Steve Hile

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From: Rob Kirkham
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 9:40 PM
Subject: [STMFC] SUPX 20xx & UTLX 13504

Since my last e-mail on this subject, I've noticed (again) a very good shot
of a similar three tank car, UTLX 13504 in Edward Kaminski's Tank Cars:
American Car & Foundry Co. 1865 to 1955, p.150. This is closer to a 3/4
view, and shows part of the B end end sill. The big bolt heads I'd
haveexpected for the truss rod ends are not, however, in view. Curious.
Makes me wonder more about how the truss rods worked.

Also, this is the second car I've noted this evening showing what seems to
my uneducated eyes to be a UTLX / Imperial Oil link in the purchase of
freight equipment.

Rob Kirkham


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