URTX reefers (was: reefer pix)

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Great photos!

There is one photo at the link below which shows a prototype which is
very similar to the Walthers horizontal belt steel reefers.


Now, I purchased an Intermountain R-40-23 kit, lettered for URTX
and numbered 37193. I impulse bought it, assuming that it was
correctly lettered; my understanding was that Intermountain only did
prototype paint schemes. Did URTX have both the Walthers AND the
Intermountain style cars in the 37XXX series? Since they are both
steel, swing door, iced reefers, there wouldn't be a distinction in
the ORER. I would take IM's word for it that the scheme is
prototypical for this style of reefer, except that I had to sand the
B&O "overnight" lettering off of an IM PS-1 that I also bought on

Thanks in advance,
Phil Buchwald

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This site has some very nice stuff for Freight Car fans.


If this doesn't get you pumped up for Naperville, nothing will. I
can't wait.


Tom Wencl

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