Re: URTX reefers (was: reefer pix)

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Phil Buchwald writes:

Now, I purchased an Intermountain R-40-23 kit, lettered for URTX
and numbered 37193. I impulse bought it, assuming that it was
correctly lettered; my understanding was that Intermountain only did
prototype paint schemes.
Well....I hate to be the first one to tell you this...but...uh...Intermountain is not ruled by prototypically correct paint schemes. In fact, the R-40-23 is a very good model R-40-23...which was built for PFE in rather large numbers and is an important car in the PFE fleet. NP had a much smaller number of clones of the R-40-23. Other than that...

Mike Brock

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