PROTO:HO Accumate couplers

Tim O'Connor

FYI, regarding the scale Accumates on small radii, Max Robin
posted this to the STMFC almost 5 years ago:


We were in Montreal for our usual anniversary celebration Christmas week
when we got word of the impending snow storm at home. Got home on
Saturday @ 2:30 AM only to find a box from Bob Walker w/100 pr. of
Accurail's new couplers. After I unloaded the car, etc. I was so fired
up that I went and installed a couple of pairs on some of their USRA DS
boxcars. Wow!! They seemed to track just fine whether being pushed or pulled
on 15"R. reverse curves, coupled to each other or real #5s. Shoved a string
of cars up the 10 1/2% 15"R curve to the 1st switchback and they worked
just fine.

These PROTO:HO couplers, combined w/NWSL PROTO:HO Code 88 and/or Code 72
wheelsets make it seem like there is finely a real alternative for those
of us who operate our railroads, resin cars and all, but still want
finer standards than the workhorse Kadee #5 or #58 and the Code 110
RP-25 wheel standard! Yes, if one car is on the end of a sharp (<20"R)
curve, the coupler will need to be nudged over w/a Switchman, toothpick
or similar tool, just like the prototype.

In my mind they are definitely a winner. I only hope the rest of the
model community agrees.


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