Re: URTX reefers (was: reefer pix)

buchwaldfam <duff@...>

How about the riveted steel reefers in the last few shots in
RPCyc's latest issue? They look like some form of R-40-??.

As far as Intermountain's prototype paint jobs: Yup. Found
that out the hard way. (Plus, jumping over to the string about paint
stripping: their lettering is REALLY tough to remove. What finally
worked on the PS-1 was to use Scalecoat's stripper on a Q-tip and dab
it on the letters, then rub like mad with the rolled paper stick which
has the cotton removed. Also helps to scratch at it with a fingernail.
Then, after that, I stripped the rest of the paint with more Scalecoat
stripper. And, still had to sand over some of the letter "ghosts" with
1000 grit w&d). But back to the point: I had resolved myself to the
fact that the lettering was incorrect and have a set of Microscale NP
decals in the closet. Was just hoping it was prototypical: the paint
job is much better than the two Walthers reefers that are also
numbered in that block.
Best regards,
Phil Buchwald

--- In STMFC@..., "Mike Brock" <brockm@b...> wrote:

Well....I hate to be the first one to tell you
this...but...uh...Intermountain is not ruled by prototypically
correct paint
schemes. In fact, the R-40-23 is a very good model
R-40-23...which was built for PFE in rather large numbers and is an
important car in the PFE fleet. NP had a much smaller number of
clones of
the R-40-23. Other than that...

Mike Brock

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