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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Dennis Storzek wrote:
Care to offer a citation to info on the Soo Line plywood covered boxcars? I
suspect you are thinking of the GN, but I'm always looking for new and
interesting facts about the Soo.
There was a photo in Railway Age, I think in the late 1930s. I've recently been browsing the RA volumes looking for additional freight car stuff, but wasn't specifically interested in the Soo cars. If you want me to look back for a citation, I'll do so. The photo was one of the "Fowler" cars.

This plywood has
strips of rough sawn veneer on the face ply, which hold paint well,
separated by grooves to make it look like boards. It came too late to be
used on freight cars, and anyway, I can't see the car builders liking the rough
sawn look on a freight car.
Dennis, are you aware of the horizontally grooved plywood that PFE tried out? Photos in the book.

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