Re: Freight Car Distribution

Larry Kline

Gene Green wrote:
The following book is available on eBay: Freight Car Distribution And Car Handling In The United States by E. W. Coughlin, Manager, Railroad Relations, Car Service Division Association American Railroads, Car Service Division, 1956.
Is anyone familiar with the contents of this book? Is it useful to modelers interested in operation? Would this book help determine which freight cars ought to be seen on my model RR?

I have this book and find it very interesting. It explains the rationale for the car service rules in great detail. There are chapters on the annual grain rush, coal car distribution, privately owned tanks and reefers, and the post WW II freight car shortage. The author and his employees traveled around the country advocating for the use of the car service rules, so they apparently were aware that the rules weren't always followed.

This book will give you some ideas for operating your model RR and a little help with which freight car types ought to be seen. It won't help much at all with which railroads should be represented.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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