Re: Ice Operations

Eric Hansmann <ehansmann@...>

Jim Betz wrote:

I should have stated my interest more clearly - I'm referring to
what went on at and around the ice docks - not the movement of cars
and other things "purely RR" but rather what the ice dock crews did
and when.
It's interesting to me that no one worked inside the reefer
during loading. It seems curious to me that they would have
allowed 'whatever happened' to the blocks of ice when they were
dumped in to be the end result. I could understand that more
easily if the blocks were smaller but as large as they were it
is amazing that they didn't care if they ended up 'on end', sideways,
catty-wompous, etc. I always figured that the ice bunkers on the
ends of the cars were filled to 'capacity' a lot of the time ... to
reduce the number of times they would have to be re-loaded in the
course of a trip from say Salinas to San Jose to Martinez to Sacramento
to Reno to Salt Lake, to Denver, to Chicago, to New York, to Boston.
That's a lot of days - even with highly expedited salad express
How many times was a reefer re-iced in a trip from Salinas to Boston?
Was there a pre-cooling, loading, let the car come to target temp and
then final top off before transit or what?


I just picked up the new Morning Sun book "Refrigerator Cars Color Guide" by
list member Gene Green. I note eight pages of color photos documenting
reefer icing at a few locations. Several photos depict icing operations on a
large dock in Columbus, Ohio, circa 1962.

While I have not consumed the entire book yet, I have found it a pretty
solid read and have learned much more about reefer operations than I had
previously understood. Thanks Gene!

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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