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Peter Bowers wrote:
In The CN code of rules for icing cars it states . . .
Reference is also made of tamping ice to assure no voids
are present.
This last comment is interesting. PFE workmen used a long steel
bar to kind of stir the ice and allow it to compact itself; this was
called "barring" the ice. Tamping sounds more risky to the bunker
lining and bottom. The PFE ice deck directions explained that "barring"
was primarily to minimize any sizable voids in the ice load.
The book also gives info on the "standard tamping pole" It was to be second growth hickory if obtainable or clear sound ash or oak. The handle was 1 3/4" round and 5 feet or more long. On the end was a blade 4 feet long 1 7/8" X 3" ending in a 6 inch point. No mention is made that the "blade" is other than the same wood.

Peter Bowers

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