Re: NC&StL flat car (Tichy) trucks

Don Worthy

Hello Garrett. You, no doubt, have more information on the NC&StL than I do. Is the Intermountain 40ft. war emergency drop bottom gon correct for a NC&StL car? I took 2 kits in a trade and they are neatly lettered. I'll hate to repaint/ letter them but, if they aren't close....
Don Worthy

"Garrett W. Rea" <Garrett.Rea@...> wrote:
Bruce, Mont et al:

Don't make the same mistake I did. The NC car is black with white
lettering. When I built mine I got the idea they were boxcar red
white lettering and only when I inquired of NC authority Steven
did I learn of my error.
I spoke with Steve Johnson at lenght about these and other cars this
past April before James Bilbrey and I put together our NC&StL freight
car modelling clinc and thick booklet this past May. Steve's
comments than and again this weekend along with builder and in-
service photo review still steer us to oxide red for the cars. NC
cars also had their trucks painted when new so they will cast the
same tint.

One of the photos was taken in TN back during WWII with AC&F tanks
(the armored military type) as a load.

I've been working on a couple Tichy 40' flat car kits (AC&F, 1923
prototype) and I have decided to model one as an NC&StL car and one
as a
CN car. My question is what trucks are appropriate for these cars
There were actually two classes:

The ones you mention are the FM-8, 70100-70199, built by AC&F in 1923.

The others were FM-9, 70200-70299, built by AC&F in 1926.

The FM-8s used Standard ARA trucks, James used the Accurail ones.

The FM-9s used Dahlman trucks, I used the ECW ones.

All of this info comes from NC&StL diagram sheets and builder's

The only mod to the kit is adding end stake pockets, I just cut holes
in the deck during assemlby for this.

Good luck-

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

There is a builders photo of NC&StL at the RPI (pay) site
that appears to show a cast sideframe truck with an interesting
package (4 visible with the center 2 protruding more). I would
any suggestions on the correct trucks to use on these models.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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