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150 PSI !?!?!? Wow, that must be pretty interesting when you put
on the grit blaster (air eraser)!! You could drill holes in cars
with that
kinda pressure! :-) I'm envious, my Craftsman can barely hit 90
Not enough for the bicycle tires.

Tim O.
Regulators, Tim, regulators. Both on the tank and at point(s) of
use. I have a 150 PSI compressor with the output regulated to 80
PSI. I have an additional regulator at my air brush (15 to 45 PSI
depending on paint), plus three pressure tanks for curing resin
castings. Two of them have their regulators set at 45 PSI, the third
at 60. Moisture isn't that big a problem here in Colorado if your
compressor isn't running all the time, but I do have a moisture trap
and filter at the output of the air brush regulator.

The compressor is one of those horizontal tank jobbies on wheels, 1
hp motor and 5 gallon tank. Cost less than $150 about 10 years ago.
Don't do much painting these days, but the compressor only has to
run a couple of times a day to pressurize my casting tanks when I do
8 to 10 tank loads a day. In my case, dependability trumped "cheep".
Plus I'd rather spend my time doing actual casting, which makes a
few (very few) bucks now and again!

Tom Madden

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