Re: Possible renumbering of IC 170001-175000 boxcars

Ray Breyer <rbreyer@...>

Renumbering is very possible, Mark. The IC seemingly renumbered everything
around WWII, including some of their boxcar classes. While I don't have
anything but three photos of the 171000-series boxes, I do have the class
diagram for the 176000-176999 series cars, which were renumbered to the
16000-16975 series. I've got at least seven other IC box diagrams that
indicate those series also underwent renumberings during the 1930s and

The 1950 IC ORER lists literally thousands of composite boxcars. I don't
have diagram sheets for any of them (IC pre-diesel diagrams are sort of hard
to find), but chances are good that some of these are renumbered cars.

Ray Breyer

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some information regarding possible renumbering of
some Illnois Central bocxars, series 170001-175000. These are 40ft
single sheathed boxcars with fishbelly underframes and composite ends.
They were built 1914-1915. There is a photo on the pay side of the
NEB&W website:

The NEB&W site lists these cars as off the roster by 1949. Is it
possible that these cars were still on the roster at that time, but
under a different number series?

Mark Heiden

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