Eastern Car Works Trucks was: NC&StL flat car (Tichy) trucks

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I have two pair of the ECW Dahlman trucks to place under a pair
of Soo saw toothed box cars. I haven't assembled them yet since I
need to slightly modify the sideframes to match the Soo prototypes.
(Whod've thunk that the trucks could be just as big a project as the
rest of the car!)
Anyway, since I haven't glued them together yet, I have some
options. Do you use bearing inserts such as Tichy's, or just run the
axles in the styrene castings? I plan these to be running models,
not display pieces, so wear in the journals could be a problem.

Thanks in advance!
Phil Buchwald

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There were actually two classes:

The FM-9s used Dahlman trucks, I used the ECW ones.

Good luck-

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

There is a builders photo of NC&StL at the RPI (pay) site
that appears to show a cast sideframe truck with an interesting
package (4 visible with the center 2 protruding more). I would
any suggestions on the correct trucks to use on these models.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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