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I've seen a *model* boxcar with round hatches in the roof "for
kaolin loading"; presumably that's bulk kaolin in some form. I don't
know whether there was a prototype or if so how common it was in our
era. If any roads had such a thing, I'd guess it'd be those
serving "kaolin country". Can experts on those roads inform us?
I don't think these date from the steam era, but Sandersville,
Southern, and Seaboard Coast Line had roof-hatch boxcars for kaolin

In the steam era, I think the D&H converted some USRA single sheathed
boxcars for bulk cement service; I believe Tichy offers a model of
this car. In addition, Canadian Pacific had a fleet of USRA boxcar
clones with a bottom-dump feature for grain service. The D&H car,
IIRC, had roof hatches.

Walt Lankenau

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