Re: GN 15000-15549 Boxcars

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Can you confirm that these were ex-EL cars? If so, what is the
provenance? As described by you below, they do not appear in my Erie
Lackawanna freight equipment diagram book, nor do they appear in my
Lackawanna diagram book. I don't have an Erie diagram book, perhaps
Schuyler Larrabee could check. I'm curious, as if it is an ex-EL
car, I would sure like to see it as such (even if it would be, as
such, past the time-frame of the STMFC).


Jim Harr

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In a collection of photos taken at the recent Naperville prototype
meeting is this photo of Steffan Ehnbom's fine model...

The roof on this model surprised me, as I've read that GN boxcars
in the
15000-15549 series had roofs with rectangular panels and these
roofs were
painted (or covered with car cement) black. Are these published
incorrect and if so, what would be the correct roof reference/name?

As background, these cars were originally Erie-Lackawanna 78500 to
78999 and
79000 to 79199.


Larry Rice
Port Townsend WA

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