GN 15000-15549 - Viking Roof


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If so, from where might I find Viking corrugated roofs that will fit
the Red
Caboose HO scale kit RC-8500?
Larry Rice
I can probably answer the Viking Roof part. We(Des Plaines Hobbies)
offer an injection molded styrene Viking roof to specifically fit the
Red Caboose (formerly IMWX) AAR boxcar.

Also for Intermountain users of the same car, we had the A mold
retooled to offer a version specifically for the IMR car with seperate
ends. Your choice.

Now to the GN ex EL, probably ex Erie boxcars. If they came from EL
with Viking roofs, they were probably ex Erie cars as I am not aware of
DL&W having any Viking roof cars. It was my understanding (perhaps
wrong)that the surviving Erie Viking roofed cars were reroofed.

I guess we need the GN/Erie freight car expert to weigh in on this.

Ron Sebastian
Des Plaines (sometimes) Hobbies

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