Re: Athearn N Scale gons

Brian Termunde

I am in need of some gondolas to carry pipe loads for a natural gas pipeline
circa 1952. I do have a couple of Micro-Trains gons, their 62030 and 48060
series. These are supposed to represent a Santa Fe Ga-61 Composite gon and
Ga-53 steel gon. Both 50 foot drop ends. It was suggested that I take a look at
Athearn's two gons, one a 65 foot, 6 inch Mill gon, see;


and a 52 foot gon, see;


I believe that this second car is a RailGon prototype, as it dates back to
the Roundhouse/MDC era. IIRC, neither car is correct for an early 1950's
railroad. Is this correct? Or are there similar cars from the 1940's and/or 50's?

I appreciate any info that you folks can provide, or suggestions where to
look. FWIW, I did attempt to search old messages for these cars, but while I did
find some posts announcing the 52' 6" gon model in HO, I found no real
discussions regarding the prototype nor correct era for them. Thanks again.

Take Care!

Brian R. Termunde
West Jordan, Utah

"Ship and Travel the Grand Canyon Line!"
Grand Canyon Railway
Utah District

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