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Rob Adams

I share Mont's sentiments. If only a guy didn't have to live within his means. The vendor area was excellent. Stan Rydarowicz and Mark Vaughan had their excellent wares. Al Westerfield was there with a nice selection of his line and some great new kits. There were several photo vendors, some of the better known mid-west train dealers, a smattering of RR historical societies, and several individuals. The only bad thing about it was that I skipped several clinics as a result.
Rob Adams

Montford Switzer wrote:

I though the vendor area was just great. I had to get out of there
quick though as I was finding things I needed or didn't know I needed
faster that I felt I could afford or consume them. Good vendors
generally tailored to our needs and all in one room.
I liked it.

Mont Switzer

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I was just scanning through the latest message list at YAhoo groups. I
see lots of messages about Martin's stuff, but little about the rest of
the meet.

I'm curious as to what people thought of the 'vendors day' this year. I
picked up Gene's new reefer book (which is well worth the discounted
price) I also got some of Ted's stuff. Has anyone tried his decals yet?
I didn't get a chance to ask if you could order the new resin kits

Thanks for your thoughts,
Clark Propst

Rob Adams
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Modeling Keokuk, IA operations and the CB&Q's K&W branch, circa 1938

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