Re: Intermountain stock car trucks

Victor Rance

Hi Steve,

I had problems with mine initially (one in particular) and found that on one
truck the wheels were out of round and not square to the axle. It would not
stay on the track.

Changed the wheels/axles on that truck for a pair of P2K's and no further
problems. Also ran "The Tool" reamer in all bearing holes on all cars to
clean them up (I do this as a matter of course with all new rolling stock).

As usual ymmv.


Victor Rance, Adelaide, South Australia

Modeling the Santa Fe Howard, KS, Branch

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I have had a lot of problems keeping my ATSF Intermountain stock cars on the
track. I have loosened the truck screws but that has not corrected the
problem. Anyone else have that problem. What trucks are a good replacement?
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