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Clark wrote:
"I was just scanning through the latest message list at YAhoo groups. I see lots of messages about Martin's stuff, but little about the rest of the meet. I'm curious as to what people thought of the 'vendors day' this year. I picked up Gene's new reefer book (which is well worth the discounted price) I also got some of Ted's stuff. Has anyone tried his decals yet? I didn't get a chance to ask if you could order the new resin kits there."

Since you asked. . .

I thought the vendors day was GREAT. It was a super opportunity to see products discussed on this and other lists that really have no chance of making it into my local hobby retailer's store. I loaded up on Modelers Choice stuff and appreciated seeing the Southern Car & Foundry Harriman cars.

The only nit I had to pick: I realize schedules change due to unforseen circumstances, but Thursday we busted our humps to get back from picking a member of the group up from O-Hare in time to be back for the advertised 4pm opening of the Sunshine room. . . we got there at 4:05, and discovered that it'd been open for a couple of hours already, and at least a couple of the cars I'd really wanted to purchase had already been sold out. I was later told by a veteran Naperville attendee that it is "normal" for Martin to open up the room earlier than advertised. I guess if that's "normal", then I wonder why isn't the ACTUAL time the room will open advertised? Or does that just give me a leg up on next year's first-time attendees in getting Sunshine cars in 2006??

Other than that, really enjoyed the weekend. Some AWESOME modeling, and I'm certainly motivated to work harder on my own projects!

--blair kooistra
fort worth, TX

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