Re: P2K 50' SSW 20000 - 20094 series decals

Tim O'Connor

Rob, don't forget CDS Dry Transfers -- he did -5- different SSW
Blue Streak sets: 179, 180, 609, 610, 686. They range from 1941
to 1957. I'm sure you'll be wanting to measure those too! :-)

Tim O'Connor

Here is another way of expressing my question regarding the decals that
might be used to model this series of 50' single door cars: does anyone
have a set of the microscale 87-38 50' double door box car SSW decal set?
Likewise the 87-219 assorted freight cars from the 70's SSW set?

Or how about the Champ SSW boxcar decal, SHS-216?

Or the Herald King Cotton Belt sets: B-570, B-571, B-572 or B-573

If so, and if the car numbers are in white, can you please measure the
height and width of the car number decals.

Rob Kirkham

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