Re: Coupler gearbox.

Bruce Smith

On Sun, November 6, 2005 12:07 pm, Arnold wrote:

What do you mean with "scale width"?
The width between 2 cars?
How can i make it scale width?

No, scale width refers to the side to side measurement. The "standard" HO
scale draft gear box in the US is wider than the prototype, which leads to
lots of problems including center sills that are too far apart in order to
match, not enought room on the end of the car for the brake hose, brake
gear and end grabs, and on cars where the ends are particulary visible
(tank cars, hoppers etc) a great fat ugly box out there.

Your mention of the #78, which comes with a scale width box make me think
you were thinking of that issue (as are many of us). If you are looking
for a "Scale head size" that is a drop in replacement in the existing Red
Caboose draft gear box then the #58 is the correct Kadee, and the Accumate
can also fit.

The distance between two cars is reffered to as the coupling distance, and
thats another issue entirely <G>!!


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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