Re: UTLX tank cars.

Bruce Smith

On Sun, November 6, 2005 12:34 pm, Arnold wrote:
It's me again.

I have severall UTLX tank cars, for instance the 10,000 gallon type 21
revited tank car by Proto 2000.
Was there also a model of 8,000 gallon?
Did they even existed at all?
When they didn't make a UTLX 8,000 gallon type, how can i make one?

In general, Union Tank Car (UTLX) built many of its own tank cars, the
X-3. These are available in resin from Sunshine Models in 6,000 gal, two
different 8,000 gal, and a 10,000 gal as well as the just release X-5
insulated pressure (propane) car. UTL built its own cars as well as
contracting with companies like AC&F. While the Type 21 was an AC&F
design, AC&F built cars for UTL to the X-3 design. However, UTL acquired
cars in mergers and buyouts and thus ended up with a number of type 21s.
It is extradinarily difficult from the ORER to tell what class a car is so
you need to work from photos. Life-like has worked with noted tank car
historians and generally I trust their numbering... so if Life-Like offers
an 8k gal type 21 lettered UTLX, it most likely had photo documentation.
If you can't find the model, you can buy any 8k type 21, strip it, paint
it black and use the Champ UTLX decals to letter it. Watch out for
Intermountain's type 27 UTLX cars. At least some of them are completely
fictional, and the one I bought had white lettering instead of the
appropriate yellow lettering.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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