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Blair wrote:
The only nit I had to pick: I realize schedules change due to
circumstances, but Thursday we busted our humps to get back from
picking a
member of the group up from O-Hare in time to be back for the
advertised 4pm
opening of the Sunshine room. . . we got there at 4:05, and
discovered that
it'd been open for a couple of hours already, and at least a
couple of the
cars I'd really wanted to purchase had already been sold out. I
was later
told by a veteran Naperville attendee that it is "normal" for
Martin to open
up the room earlier than advertised. I guess if that's "normal",
then I
wonder why isn't the ACTUAL time the room will open advertised?
As Jim says, Martin opens when he's ready and the time is
unpredictable. Remember, at Naperville we're playing in his sandbox!
From his standpoint, the longer he's open, the more he sells. Your
situation is like being stuck in traffic because of a lane closure
and watching cars zip by on the right, and getting upset when they
squeeze in ahead of you. Understandably so, but from a traffic flow
standpoint it makes no difference - the rate at which cars get
through the restriction is unaffected, regardless of what goes on as
they jockey for position in the que. Order, yes, but rate, no. Same
with Martin's sales. You and I missed out, but others didn't. (I
arrived Thursday afternoon by Amtrak. The train was two hours late,
it was well after four when the hotel van dropped me off and pushing
five by the time I had checked in, registered and assimilated the
news that I had a clinic to present at 8. Several of the kits I
wanted were long gone, the sales room was jam packed, and I wondered
about what would be available for the many registrants who didn't
arrive until Friday!)

Tom Madden

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