Re: UTLX tank cars.

Bruce Smith

On Sun, November 6, 2005 2:46 pm, Arnold wrote:
Well Mr. Smith.......that's very informative you have here.
Are there any stores in the U.S. who sells the decorated UTLX 8,000
by Proto 2000?
I've googled, but nothing to find.
Also, i don't have any experience in building the "X-3" 6,000 gallon
type from Sunshine Models.
Is there someone willing to sell a perfectly build model to me?


For the P2K kit, try eBay. I think that there are several ongoing auctions
right now. BTW, I try not to pay more than $8.00 per car <G>. As for the
X-3 models, I hear that they are one of the more challenging of Martin's
offerings. I have a bunch waiting for me to build them, and I picked up
even more at Naperville with the new X-5! You may end up paying quite a
bit to someone to get them to build one "perfectly" <VBG>

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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