Re: P2K 50' SSW 20000 - 20094 series paint match


On Nov 6, 2005, at 11:44 PM, wrote:

Then Larry comments...

"Point of interest. Con-Cor had their Budd cars made over seas. But their
paint they used on them was made in Southern California. What do you make of
Thank you
Larry Jackman"

Well, if it is in fact true then the " hazardous chemicals" are flowing the
opposite direction which is likely much easier, and the point is where can we
buy it off the shelf Larry? CON-COR to my recollection doesn't offer a line
of Railroad paints for the industry... The demand doesn't warrant the risk.

The real question is why can't we supply companies with color matches of
over the counter products that match what the industry is try to paint their
products. This would move us towards the best of both worlds.

Greg Martin
I have the name of the company that made the con-Cor paint. But as you noted they only sell it in 5 gallon or larger lots. I was going to use it on a S Scale project that fell trough.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
I wish the buck stopped here as I could use a few

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