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The effective date for submissions was approximately 60 days prior to
the cover date depending on which road was submitting the information,
therefore that would be October 31, 1949 for the PRR or November 1, 1949
for the NYC. I have found that this lag between the information cut-off
date and the quarterly cover date to hold true for all the registers
that I have on the shelf. You will find that the ORER's effective date,
printed on the left side of the cover, would be the first of the month,
but the issue date was nine days later on the tenth of the month (for
example: Effective Date - January 1, 1950; Issue Date - January 10, 1950).

As Gregg had stated, there had to be enough time to get the information
into the agent's hands, do the proofing and set up, typeset the book,
then print it. Then it had to be disseminated to those whose work was
proscribed by the information it contained.

In regard to Ian's remark that some railroads dated their submissions,
he is correct, so you may add the PRR to the list of those that did.

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Ian Cranstone wrote:

On 1-Nov-05, at 2:48 PM, ajfergusonca wrote:

I have a question that should have a simple answer. The equipment
registers are referred to as July 1958 for example. What was the
cutoff date for new data?

There was a time when some of the large entries would provide an actual
effective date for their roster (I believe the New York Central system
did so), and I seem to recall that generally their effective date was
about a month before the publication date of the issue. The shortlines
and many private owners could go months or years between updates,
especially if they had no equipment to report (or very small fleets).

Of course, at that point there was also an effort to include cars on
order that were expected to arrive before the cover date of the issue
as well.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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