Re: N'ville atfermath

Shawn Beckert


As a first-time Naperville attendee, I can say it was an
interesting, and overall enjoyable experience - marred
only by the fire alarm at 5am Saturday morning. I was
told by the firemen that some poor unfortunate soul on the
7th floor tried to microwave their food and burned it, thus
causing all the commotion.

I spent the bulk of my time in Bob's suite going through
photo albums - talk about being in a candy store! What's
amazing is that he has some 30,000+ negatives (some recently
acquired) that he hasn't printed yet, in addition to the 700
albums that make up his printed inventory. At this rate he'll
need an 18-wheeler to haul everything to future shows.

The vendor sale on Saturday was indeed a feeding frenzy - I
regret that I somehow missed Gene Greene and Mark Vaugn's tables.
Chairs are a nice idea, but as crowded as that room was I think
they would probably cause a bigger problem than they might solve.

Of the few clinics I was able to attend, I have to say Bill McCoy's
on Central of Georgia boxcars was the most impressive. Thoroughly
researched and well presented - thank you Bill!

The only downside of the trip was Chicago itself - people there
drive worse than in LA (is that possible?).

And those toll roads have GOT to go...

Shawn Beckert

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