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Thanks for the link. This means that the S, T, and U are out with K brakes and early lettering. The S is the double deck version and in the photo you can see the chain lift mechanism for the second deck (though it looks distorted from shipping?). It could be used with the deck lowered for sheep, goats, and hogs and with the deck up for taller livestock. All are shown with vertical staff brakes.

All were converted to AB brakes I believe, so I will wait for that version. The reporting marks became A. T. S. F. in 1938 and ATSF in 1943.

I see where Sunshine has come out with SK-Z and SK-5 cars in resin. You can have quite an ATSF fleet now between Intermountain, Sunshine, and Westerfield.
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Did I miss something? What's with the yellow on the doors?



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