new business model for Bob


You guys who spend time with Bob (Bob's photos), why don't you get
him to start cataloging the prints as he has them made up and
selling them over the internet?

There are easy solutions to returns (men copying the prints and then
sending them back) - a policy of no returns. Almost anyone else
doing business with checks waits for them to clear too.

Bob's business model is different from most of the other guys
selling prints - he has multiple prints made up by a semiautomatic
machine and keeps them in inventory. He has a lot less of an
investment in each print, but traveling is a big expense most of the
others don't have. Sure they go to a few shows now and then, but he
goes almost every weekend and frequently travels for days each way
(Naperville must have been a 6 or 8 day excursion).

I've heard Bob wants to slow down and visit fewer shows; this would
be a good opportunity to cash in without going to the shows.

After each show someone fills up the books and must order additional
prints to replenish the supply.

I'm sure Bob could pick up additional sales if he hired a teenager
to catalog those prints and keep that catalog updated on the
internet. I'm sure after a year there would be 1000 plus prints on
the list.

Even guys who see Bob a couple of times a year would check the list.
Some of these new prints could be sold out by the time the get to go
through the books or the buyer could run out of money. How many of
you missed out on something you wanted at Naperville?

Bob's out of pocket expenses would be peanuts compared to the
lengthy trips. I'm sure a high schooler and whoever picks and packs
the orders would be happy with $10/hr.

Of course unscrupulous people could copy the prints, but they can do
that now if they go to a show and buy a print off the table.


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