Re: P2K 50' SSW 20000 - 20094 series paint match

Greg Martin

Armand writes...

I have been able to go to hardware stores with a paint sample and have
it mixed and small quantities.................Not 50 gallons,but
enough to meet my needs.Why pay $3 plus for 2 ounces?I think we have become
accustomed to use only "hobby"paint.Armand Premo
I have as well, just recently I had to get my wife another quart can of Smoke Sage
(her favorite fashion color currently) to finish the dining room as a gallon would have been
too much but in my way of thinking she's in love with this color and a gallon would have
saved me another trip...
No, can I run down and get a pint of PRR Freight car color in a full oil based enamel, not likely and
then who wants to thin it down enough to get it throung my Badger airbrush...
Let be realistic... the soltion is to start with colors on this end that will match something we can
match in the future... Walthers has been good enough to listen...

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