Re: PS -1 BOX Cars

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Ed Hawkins wrote in response to Matt Strickland:

The first cars came in June 1947 for Lehigh Valley. Others receiving
PS-1s in 1947 were CGW, MEC, BM, ATSF, NH, and KCS. There's been
numerous articles and many photos published in RMJ over the past 15
years on the general subject of PS-1s, in particular during March 93 to
December 94 plus other small fillers since that time.
So far as I can determine, none of these early PS-1's had the "zits" (small stampings) in the apex of the cars' ends. These "zits," I believe, were not standard equipment until 1951.

Thus, most of the PS-1 models may not be appropriate for PS-1 Boxcars built before 1951 as the "good ones" have the "zits."

Tim Gilbert

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