Re: PS -1 BOX Cars

Tim O'Connor

No vendor has researched the PS-1 more deeply than Kadee, and
their web site used to have quite a bit of detailed information on the
progression of features that were incorporated into PS box cars from
the late 40's through the early 60's. The info may still be there FAIK.

I am not aware of any "zits" that were affixed to any PS-1 design.
Most of the 1950 and later PS-1's had "dimples" (much cuter) on the
ends, and I think someone once explained their purpose, and so I
promptly forgot what it was.

Kadee basically makes two PS-1 40 foot cars -- the "1950-1953" and
the "post-1953". They include several door sizes, and a couple of end
differences. They make a bunch of 50 foot cars too. They've never done
the pre-1950 cars because are they are such a hodge-podge of sides,
doors, underframes and ends. A great resin candidate, IMO!

Tim O'Connor

Thus, most of the PS-1 models may not be appropriate for PS-1
boxcars built before 1951 as the "good ones" have the "zits."
Tim Gilbert

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