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Thanks, Tim O'Connor,

Unfortunately, due to a continuing changing web site we no longer have as
much information about the PS-1 box cars posted as we use to.
There are a number of features besides the "cute" dimples and roof panels
that need to be noted between the pre 1950 and 1950 PS-1 box cars.
For us the main factor for not producing the pre 1950 PS-1 is the
underframe. "Sometime" after the introduction of the first PS-1 box car
Pullman Standard had a transition period where they changed from the common
AAR underframe to their proprietary PS-1 underframe. So far we have not been
able to nail down dates or lot numbers where this change took place,
however, at a certain point we simply quit looking so if the info is
available somewhere please let us know. Noted differences (besides the
dimples and roof panels) from the pre 1950 PS-1s is the use of only two
floor runners running the entire length of the floor where most of the 1950
cars had three runners running to the bolsters and two out to the ends, and
even later cars had all three out to the ends. The end ladders had two
straight runners the later cars have a belled out right runner. The end top
grab iron has three mounting points, later cars have four. The side sill
tabs have different angles and are just a bit smaller than the later cars.
There were a number of earlier style of doors used also that would require
new tooling. There are a number of other very minor details that may or may
not make a difference unless you actually see the drawings and know about

Thanks again Tim.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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No vendor has researched the PS-1 more deeply than Kadee, and
their web site used to have quite a bit of detailed information on the
progression of features that were incorporated into PS box cars from
the late 40's through the early 60's. The info may still be there FAIK.

I am not aware of any "zits" that were affixed to any PS-1 design.
Most of the 1950 and later PS-1's had "dimples" (much cuter) on the
ends, and I think someone once explained their purpose, and so I
promptly forgot what it was.

Kadee basically makes two PS-1 40 foot cars -- the "1950-1953" and
the "post-1953". They include several door sizes, and a couple of end
differences. They make a bunch of 50 foot cars too. They've never done
the pre-1950 cars because are they are such a hodge-podge of sides,
doors, underframes and ends. A great resin candidate, IMO!

Tim O'Connor

Thus, most of the PS-1 models may not be appropriate for PS-1
boxcars built before 1951 as the "good ones" have the "zits."
Tim Gilbert

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