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Gene S. wroe:

Does Railshops have a presence on the web? I'd like to get a few
the carbon black hoppers and see what else they may offer.


I also did a Google search and a scan over the links at the NMRA
directory. I came up with no hits on either account. It makes me
wonder if
that is the real name of the company, or if the note taker mixed
things up
between photos, and note taking, and talking to others and,
drooling over
the next model....I know I've jotted details down wrong in

Has anyone heard of Railshops before the latest N'ville meet? Are
there any
other models they have announced?

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.
Railshops, is a brand new venture from Chris Zygmont. The Carbon
Black car is the first project. Jimmy Booth of PBL/Hi-Tech Details is
doing the tooling for Chris. The car at the show was literally "hot
off the press", test shots without any mold polishing and assembled
Thursday night to show on Friday, and Chris took it back home and
painted it Friday night. The hopper bays did not even get shot untill
last week (after the show). Give them a chance to get things finished
and I'm sure there will be some announcements on avaibility, price,
versions, etc.

Dave Hussey

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