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Don't have your answer but, I've used Tichy rivets quite often.
They are
available in .025, .030, .035 and I think .020. Even used the .020 as
"carriage bolts" on a Sn3 flat car deck recently, all 300 plus of them.
Chuck Hladik
You S scale guys have all the luck. As far as HO is concerned, I
personally don't see any use for the Tichy rivets except for bridges.
The .025 rivets would scale out to 2 3/16" in diameter, while a 020"
rivet, if he makes one, would be 1 3/4". Most rivets on freight cars
have heads smaller than 1" in diameter.

For comparison, the rivets on the old Rivarossi Pullman cars were
.016" in diameter, and I think most would say they were bordering on
the "grapefruit" appearance... maybe more like a nectarine :-). On the
Accurail kits I've designed, I usually specify a .011" hemisphere not
quite half its diameter high, so the resulting rivet is about .010" in
diameter, or a scale 7/8, and some manufacturers have gone smaller
than that.

There are smaller brass rivets available for military modelers, but
they're not cheap; about a buck a dozen. Smallest I've found in this
country is .016 heads on .012 shanks. These mount in a hole drilled
with a #80 drill. These were a good match for the above mentioned
Rivarossi cars, now no longer considered state of the art. I've found
a source in Germany that has brass rivets with 0.3mm heads on 0.2mm
shanks; that's .012" heads on .008 shanks, but that means you need to
deal with a #90 drill or thereabouts. They will fall straight through
a hole drilled with a #80 drill. You don't want to ask the price :-(

Dennis Storzek

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