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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

It is most enlightening...and read about Naperville. Although I fully intended to attend, while you that were there were fighting each other to get to the head of the line in the Sunshine Room, I was watching a fairly competent roofing company replace and repair a section of roof over the train room. Most concerning. For those not living in hurricane highway [ as opposed to tornado alley ], there is about one roofing company for every 100 roofs needing repair. One odd aspect of hurricanes is that, unlike tornados or earthquakes, one see's them coming. Only problem can't do a damned thing about it. I mean...bomb a hurricane?

As far as hotels is very true that the key to the cost of meeting rooms is the number of sleeping rooms one sells. However, what some might not realize is that you should write your contract in terms of room-nights AND you should be sure to get credit for every room-night including those before and after the event. My favorite attendees are those that come early and leave late.

Unlike Martin, I AM on the internet...rather exposed actually...and welcome comments about Prototype Rails...Cocoa Beach. Incidentally, Martin has an open offer to come down and sell anything he has left. The comments about chairs and Bob's Photos got my attention and so...we'll have chairs for Bob and Mainline Photos as well. However, I don't really like the idea of putting them in their room somewhere, so Bob will be very assessable in his usual location with Mainline across from him.

So...I usually don't like to promote Cocoa Beach prior to another Naperville...but it's now time. Here's the latest flyer:


COCOA BEACH, FL, JAN 6-8, 2006




Mike Rose John Roberts Bruce Smith John Golden Chad Hewitt

Robert Hundman Bill Darnaby Tom Bisset Larry Kline Ben Hom Ed DeRouin

Andy Sperandeo Tim Frederick Andy Harman Richard Hendrickson

Scott Chatfield Clark Propst Ken Edmier Stan Rydarowicz Jim Singer

Steve Orth Brian Nolan Jeff Cauthen Tom Wilson Bill Schaumburg Ted Culotta

Greg Martin Mont Switzer Jon Cagle Tony Thompson Tom Madden

Keith Williams Bill Welch Joe Oates John Wilkes George Eichelberger

David Marquis Al Westerfield Roger Hinman Jim Singer Stephen Funaro

Lance Mindheim Bob Webber Gail Komar Mike Brock

Manufacturers/Dealers: Branchline, Walthers, Westerfield, F & C, Bob's Photos, Mainline Photos, Southern Car & Foundry

HILTON HOTEL, COCOA BEACH, FL, 1-800-526-2609 or 321-799-0003. $97 Room Rate. Refer to Prototype Rails. Preregistration $30, payable to Prototype Rails, to Marty Megregian, 480 Gails Way, Merritt Island, FL 32953.

Jan 6, 10 AM -Midnight, Jan 7, 9 AM-Midnight, Jan 8, Layout Visits.
5 prototype based layouts will be open for visits locally on Sunday, Jan 8. Ken Farnham's FEC [ 1970s ], Lou Ullian's On3 Logging [ 1930s ], John Shankland's O scale 3 rail CB&Q, Tom Wilson's HO scale P&WV [ phone # 863-424-7343 ], and Mike Brock's HO scale UP [ 1954 ].
There will be two op sessions available on Thursday Jan 5 at Tom Wilson's and Mike Brock's layouts. Those wishing to join in a session should indicate their choices in preregistration and contact the host. Selection will be on a first come basis.
A special dinner on Saturday, Jan 7, for Prototype Rails attendees only will be available for $16/person. Tickets are required and must be purchased no later than Saturday morning. Tickets may be purchased and reserved in advance and included with the cost of registration. Registration plus dinner is $46/person. Spouses not attending presentations do not have to register. FOR INFORMATION: Contact Mike Brock at: brockm@... or 321-453-4140.

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