Re: Naperville Aftermath (ad nauseam)

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tim O'Connor writes:

Pat, what I hate about that Holiday Inn is that you can't get a simple
cup of coffee (GOOD coffee) at any time of the day. Ridiculous!
Hmmmm. Enlightenment coming. One thing that always bugs me is that some events seem to shut down "refreshments" except for the bar after the dinner hour. One of the few perks with running Prototype Rails is that I get to decide when such stuff will be provided. Hence, coffee and cookies are always provided at 8PM at my events. In fact, if I'm running my mouth someplace [ as usual ] and miss them, there is every likelihood that they will again be provided. Unfortunately, everything else in not free. However, it is to attendees. I'll add that another unspoken but extremely important point regarding meets in hotels is the cooperation of the hotel staff. You that might choose to run such an event will be blessed if you have a staff to work with as I do at the Hilton.

Last, Pat, if you want to have a change from the "stuffy" Holiday Inn, I can assure you that my Hilton is not "stuffy". All you got to do is step outside, walk about 100 ft and you'll be in the Atlantic Ocean. Definitely not stuffy.

Mike Brock

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