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Well, that's no good! I've already got the roof glued on! :)
I have that RMJ issue on the kitchen table next to the car
(very tolerant wife!). I'll have to take a close look at the photos
The shot of the prototype car is low angle, I just don't recall
if there are seam caps showing on it or not. (The model in the
article has the standard Red Caboose/IMWX kit roof.)
Are you saying that the roof is flat like the CGW 1932 cars? Or
are they more like a rectangular panel roof, except that the panels
are like those which are typically found on only the two end panels
of such a roof (flat panels between seam caps)? The "1937 AAR Box
Car As Built Roster" on your web site doesn't have any note on a non-
standard roof for the CGW cars. (The same column shows those cars
which had Viking roofs, for example.)

Phil Buchwald

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On Nov 8, 2005, at 12:32 PM, buchwaldfam wrote:

Good article. The CGW car is really a 10 foot IH 1937 AAR
car with
the PS-Zero ends. Ted Culotta's web site has a list of 1937 cars
this CGW series is listed there.
The RMJ article also shows similar 40 foot cars for other
one shot of a SAL round roof car, as well as CGW and KCS 50 foot
with those ends.
The kitbash is pretty straightforward. Just remove the old
and graft on the new ones. I made replacement ends by sawing and
gnawing off the cast-on ladder a brake details from a set of old
round roof car ends. The resin ends are a better way to go if
you can
get them: it took me the better part of a saturday to get rid of
the unwanted ladder details! Then I still had to add a rivet
between the top and bottom panel. But it did work.
These cars also had flat riveted roof. By the way, these ends are
"PS-0" ends. They are simply Pullman-Standard proprietary ends.
Similar ones were also used on the WLE, TC and B&O cars. On the
cars, the ribs terminated before the radius of the end that wraps
around the corner post. On the WLE/TC/B&O cars the ends of the
actually and terminate on the portion of the end that can be seen
the side of the car.

Ted Culotta

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