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I do not have access to that document, but is this a riveted, or welded
car? Does it have wooden or steel running boards? NATX had lots of
oddball cars, but two-compartment cars are rare, nonetheless.

It sounds like one of the Pennzoil cars they had for additives/specialty
refinery products. The decent load capacity with low liquid volume
makes one suspect it was a car for something very heavy, like auto gas
"lead", or other heavy industrial liquids.

Is the logo the parallelogram on the side of the tank, or the smaller



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While we are on the subject of tank cars, I have a question about tank
car that needs some identity. Steamtown in Scranton has a two
compartment tank car lettered NATX 4750. A photo of this car appeared
in the October 2005 issue of the NMRA "ScaleRails on page 31. On what
appears to be the "B" end of the car, there is a capacity of 4577
gallons stenciled. On the sid it shows a Capacity of 80000 pounds, with

a Light Weight of 37800 pounds. The lettering and the North American
rectangular logo appears to be original as the car is in deplorable
condition and has not been restored. It also looks like it is equipped
with Barber spring-plankless solid bearing trucks. To prevent anyone
climbing on the car the National Park Service has plated over the
stirrup steps at all four corners.

Can anyone identify this car and know anything of it's history? My
ORER's only date back to 1949 and do not show this particular car number

in the North American listings.

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