Re: CORRECTION: CGW "PS-Zero" Boxcar Article (was PS-1 Boxcars)

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Woops, I replied to your first note. Thanks for the correction!

Best regards,
Phil Buchwald

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Well, that's no good! I've already got the roof glued
on! :)
I have that RMJ issue on the kitchen table next to the
(very tolerant wife!). I'll have to take a close look at the
The shot of the prototype car is low angle, I just don't
if there are seam caps showing on it or not. (The model in the
article has the standard Red Caboose/IMWX kit roof.)
Are you saying that the roof is flat like the CGW 1932 cars?
are they more like a rectangular panel roof, except that the
are like those which are typically found on only the two end
of such a roof (flat panels between seam caps)? The "1937 AAR Box
Car As Built Roster" on your web site doesn't have any note on a
standard roof for the CGW cars. (The same column shows those cars
which had Viking roofs, for example.)

Phil Buchwald

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