Re: Tank car dome from Detail Associates

buchwaldfam <duff@...>

I may be mashing two different articles together, however if I
remember correctly, the article had both the 12.5k car and the 10k
car, which had several sections removed from the tank and frame. Both
the DA dome as well as the double-stack dome were featured. The photos
in the article were black and white, but the tone of the photo
suggested that the DA dome was brass instead of resin (?).
New question: Tichy's tank car detail set includes the dome from
their "USRA" (sic) tank car. Is this dome valid for any possible
prototype derived from a bashed Athearn tank car?

Phil Buchwald

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Detail associates has a tank car dome in their parts line, cast in
resin I believe. Could someone fill me on what kits this is intended
for? I assume it is meant to correct a kit or make possible an
alternative model.

Bill Welch

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