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There is also a dome done by PSC in brass. The DA one I have is resin.
Both are for a large capacity (10-12k?) car.

Tichy's large and small tank car domes are very nicely done, but I am
sorry I do not have the dimensions at hand. They do work for some
applications, but be aware that in order for you to fit one on a bashed
Athearn, you may be working with a larger hole than the Tichy dome(s)
may fit, and thus, you may have to apply a filler ring in the tank hole.
One the riveted cars, this is the biggest job you can get into. It
could be done by embossing a replacement dome collar with rivets, but
why bother? These domes would go nicely on other kits, like the IM Type
27, but again, why?

The DA and PSC domes were sized for that car, so they will do a decent
job, if you indeed want to do the GATC 10k car, or one of the RR-owned
(12k) cars. Richard's model is super.

The Tichy domes are also nice in that they represent an early dome with
a sharp edge between tank top and sides. If you look through your ACF
books, you can see a number of examples. The presence of 2 valves also
makes it specific to certain manufacturers and car orders, as most, but
not all, were outfitted with two of them after the late teens/early

I am still trying to figure out dimensional issues and kit issues and I
did make a run at explaining some of the kit issues at the WPM meet Oct
9, but I have not yet completed my summary of model dimensions (I do not
own them all!). If you are interested, I will keep you all informed and
make that available.

Elden Gatwood

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I may be mashing two different articles together, however if I
remember correctly, the article had both the 12.5k car and the 10k
car, which had several sections removed from the tank and frame. Both
the DA dome as well as the double-stack dome were featured. The photos
in the article were black and white, but the tone of the photo
suggested that the DA dome was brass instead of resin (?).
New question: Tichy's tank car detail set includes the dome from
their "USRA" (sic) tank car. Is this dome valid for any possible
prototype derived from a bashed Athearn tank car?

Phil Buchwald

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Detail associates has a tank car dome in their parts line, cast in
resin I believe. Could someone fill me on what kits this is intended
for? I assume it is meant to correct a kit or make possible an
alternative model.

Bill Welch

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