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birdbiz2003 <birdbiz2003@...>

Perfect ideas. Thank you for your help. My hobby shop will pull the
24'' from Alexander Models and the Bethlehem Car Works one and I will
buy one pack of something on Wed. evening.

Tyler Turpin

Tyler Turpin asked:
"I am making the HO scale Bachman[n] bobber kit in HO scale
to the prototype. Need a manufacturer name and part number that
best model the window shades on the non cupola windows."

Try the following:

Alexander Scale Models #120-2201 (24")
Alexander Scale Models #120-2202 (30")
Bethlehem Car Works #718-61

All are showing in stock at Walthers.

"Some photos of prototypes are on the website below."
"Railroad Museum Of Pennsylvania Page-3-of-3-Stan's RailPix- !
Lehigh Valley Railroad four-wheel wooden "bobber" caboose # 2606."

FWIW, it's easier for us to help you if you give a direct link to
the photo:

"The LH&R Caboose No. 81. "

This link came up dead.

Ben Hom

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