Re: CORRECTION: CGW "PS-Zero" Boxcar Article (was PS-1 Boxcars)


The rumor mill says that there may be a 50' version of the 37' AAR car in the near future (hopefully) Todd Horton

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Good article. The CGW car is really a 10 foot IH 1937 AAR car with
the PS-Zero ends. Ted Culotta's web site has a list of 1937 cars and
this CGW series is listed there.
The RMJ article also shows similar 40 foot cars for other roads,
one shot of a SAL round roof car, as well as CGW and KCS 50 foot cars
with those ends.
The kitbash is pretty straightforward. Just remove the old ends
and graft on the new ones. I made replacement ends by sawing and
gnawing off the cast-on ladder a brake details from a set of old MDC
round roof car ends. The resin ends are a better way to go if you can
get them: it took me the better part of a saturday to get rid of all
the unwanted ladder details! Then I still had to add a rivet strip
between the top and bottom panel. But it did work.

Phil Buchwald

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I wrote:
"If Stan wrote an article on this model, it hasn't hit the streets

Belay my last! Here's the article you're looking for:

"Pullman-Standard 40 and 50-foot box cars from Red Caboose or
InterMountain kit", Railmodel Journal, March 2001, page 55.

Should know better to post before the first cup of coffee in the
morning...apologies for any confusion!

Ben Hom

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