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As I now recall, Martin specifically told me I must have a handout
and that I couldn't charge for it.

I had one and I charged for it.

Most bought one and no one complained to me about having to buy it or
my price. If there were complaints I wish I had heard about them. I
spent more than John Golden on my handouts and ran out so I mailed
out a bunch more later on.

I have also paid others for their handout. Like John, I consider the
handouts to be important and valuable. If a clinic lends itself at
all to a handout, I'd like to have one.

I wouldn't mind paying. No one should go too deeply into their own
pocket for me.

Gene Green
Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso

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John Golden wrote:
Oh yeah--another note. I spent $70.00 and a heck of a
lot of time making 135 quality handouts for my
presentation. Every one of them were distributed to
attendees. I note that many other presenters didn't
bother making or distributing handouts, which, quite
frankly, pisses me off. It's a requirement for
Naperville to have a handout. As Martin says, "It's
John, it's NOT "required" at all, as Martin will tell you,
of course it is very welcome. Not every presentation lends itself
to a
handout. When I have done talks which so lend themselves, I am
happy to
make the effort; other times, a handout doesn't make sense. To say
other speakers "didn't bother" is insulting and may be inaccurate
some cases.

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