ADMIN: Naperville/RPM Meets

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Regarding Naperville, Cocoa Beach, St. Louis, or any other RPM meet, as the rules clearly state, announcements [ schedules, clinics to be given etc. ] about the event are within scope, studies and various analyzes about the event are not within scope. I wanted to be lenient about Naperville because so many members attended but there have been complaints that the subject is out of scope...which it is. If anyone has suggestions...or, gasp!...complaints about any aspect of Prototype Rails [ Cocoa Beach ] send them to me and not the group. I don't know where you should take complaints or praise about Naperville but it's not to the STMFC...and, I think, we've seen enough.

I would further remind the members...again...that discussions about how someone chooses to conduct their business is also...Surprise!!...out of scope.


Mike Brock

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