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I've found
a source in Germany that has brass rivets with 0.3mm heads on 0.2mm
shanks; that's .012" heads on .008 shanks, but that means you need to
deal with a #90 drill or thereabouts. They will fall straight through
a hole drilled with a #80 drill. You don't want to ask the price :-(

I'll bite - what's the price and where can they be had? How about the
other brass rivets you mentioned (or are these one and the same)?

Ted Culotta
The american outfit with the .016" head rivets can be found at:

Click on rivets. I purchased some from them some time ago; took about a week. They take plastic.

I am grateful to Manfred Lorenze (who may not be on this list) for the source of the smaller rivets, but I've not actually tried to purchase from them. Go to:

The smallest size is listed by the illustration close to the top of the page. Keep in mind that 0.1mm = appx. .004" 40 pcs. for 6.50 Euros is about $7.65, or about twenty cents EACH. Ouch! Plus shipping, although they ought to be able to get enough rivets to model the Titanic in a first class mail envelope. The last time I looked, they didn't say anything about either international orders or plastic, but maybe that is changed. You could e-mail them (they have a "contact us" icon on the site), and hope someone there reads English. Good luck.

The bigger bummer is the .008" shank really does require a #90 drill (.0087, a rattle fit :-) or perhaps #91, .0083" diameter. These are specialty items, available from an industrial supply only, at a couple of bucks each, I'm sure.

Let me know how you make out.

Dennis Storzek

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